Hi! I am Anick de Rouw and I'm a Dutch artist with a background in Interior Design. I started as a designer because of the dream that ‘I want to create something new’. Where I had then a more urban, city style in design I now embrace colors and materials that remind me of nature. Therefore I love light places that give you a grounded yet open feeling and mostly created by natural materials. 

This is what you see in my paintings as well. Nature is the root of everything, the basis from where I can create. Like a blank paper. A walk in the meadow or in the forrest is what I do to unwind. I just walk around and wander. From here new ideas just pop up or come to me in a later stadium when I find myself ‘suddenly’ create new things. 

The beauty of nature is that all colors, forms and different structures can be found here. Nothing is just one particular color or shape, but it is all organic and full of variety. 

Along the way I developed my own painting technique by using different materials, which all have their own unique quality, to create a painting. This way I get a painting that is made out of multiple layers instead of ‘normal’ 2D illustration. One of my most distinctive painting technique are the golden veins I make. These golden lines are not directly painted on the paper therefore they give a 3D effect and a sparkle in daylight. Materials I love to use are acrylic ink (fluent), acrylic paint (solid), gel medium (transparant/glossy), modeling paste (solid/matt) and crackle paste (solid/matt/rough).